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About Caldo

Caldo is a growing UK company with more than 20 years experience of supplying hot gas treatment equipment.

Caldo's personnel were involved in the UK development of hot gas filtration in the late 1980s and 90s and have continued to make innovative developments in hot gas treatment techniques for many demanding applications.

The Caldo office is located in its own premises in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England.

1500 elements. This allows hot gas filtration using ceramic elements to be considered for a wider range of applications than before.

For filters up to 500 elements, i.e. capacities up to about 8,500 Am3/h, Caldo has long-standing established designs of filter vessels.

Caldo has experience of successfully specifying ceramic filtration equipment for a wide range of duties.

Pollution Control Systems

Hot gas filters can form the basis for systems to remove all of the pollutants in emissions to atmosphere from incinerators, furnaces, kilns and other high temperature equipment.

Complete systems can comprise some or all of the treatment stages:

Incineration of Difficult Wastes

Caldo works with a UK company, Explosive and Ordnance Demilitarisation Solutions Ltd (EODS) to design, manufacture and supply complete solutions for the thermal disposal of munitions, typically small arms ammunition.

In this collaboration Caldo supplies engineering design and manufacturing skills to support EODS's knowledge of the end-user requirements. This joint approach has been successful; several incinerators have been built and more are in the pipeline.

Third parties with knowledge of other incinerator opportunities are encouraged to contact Caldo and review their requirements.

Email Caldo on caldo@caldo.com; phone on +44 (0)1527 579000; fax to +44 (0)1527 579036

Caldo Expertise

Caldo technology is based around the filtration of hot gases using low density ceramic filter elements. This technology is based on:

Caldo has established designs of hot gas filtration equipment in sizes ranging from 36 elements to more than 1000 elements in a single vessel.

Caldo supplies complete pollution control systems for the treatment of hot gases to meet the EC atmospheric emission limits as set out in directive 2000/76/EC.

Caldo works with third parties to develop complete solutions for the incineration of difficult wastes.

Caldo has been supplying hot gas filtration equipment and components to customers worldwide since 1992.

Caldo Products

Ceramic Filter Elements

Caldo supplies ceramic filter elements, gaskets and other ceramic filter components to end-users and OEMs internationally.

The supply of these components is supported by Caldo expertise in the design of ceramic filter vessels.

Caldo offers its customers advice and problem solving based on its extensive experience of the use of ceramic filters in a wide range of applications.

Hot Gas Filtration Equipment

Caldo has recently introduced a new design concept for ceramic filters containing 500 -